When Is Gluten Free Food Bad For Your Health?

Gluten free is often perceived as something which is very healthy for you. Unfortunately that is not always the case, there are numerous cases when food which is filled with bad ingredients in gluten free which makes it equally bad for you even if it was not gluten free. Gluten is just one of the many ingredients which are bad for some people. There are few other factors which determine whether a gluten free food is good or bad for our health.

Quantity of Starch

Quantity of starch is very important when looking into foods and deciding if it’s healthy or not. A good example are a type of crackers, they are filled with different types of starch but they are branded as gluten free which might make you believe that it’s actually healthy food that you are buying. Starch can be bad for you stomach so it’s a big no.

The amount of sugar

You have to pay attention to sugar every single time. Probably one of the worst ingredients which we consume daily is a cause of many different problems with our health. The perfect scenario would be eliminating sugar from you nutrition completely but that is often impossible for most of the people. There are always very good alternatives of sugar like dates, sweet potato, honey, stevia etc. If you take a look at gluten free cookies, pay attention to the amount of sugar and the types of sugar they contain, usually it’s almost always more than one type of sugar or sweetener.  This is a great example of a gluten free product which is actually not healthy.

GMO Ingredients

Make sure to consume foods which are not filled with gmo ingredients. Pay attention to these details as gluten free does not mean that the product is gmo free. Make sure that you consume gmo free products which are gluten free. Usually, the products which are gmo free are clearly marked on the packaging.

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There are types of fats which are very bad for our health. Some fats are good and healthy however bad fats can be part of products which are labeled as gluten free. There are some great plant based fats like avocado, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil. Gluten free products can be filled with oils which are of a different origin so make sure you skip those, even though the food is gluten free it can be filled with bad oils which makes it unhealthy.

Other ingredients

Make sure to check into the other ingredients section on the package of the products which you buy. Usually here there can be many ingredients which are harmful for our health. For example, if you look at gluten free potato chips, they can contain tons of ingredients which you can’t even pronounce. Usually sugars and oils which are very unhealthy.

When Is Gluten Free Food Bad For Your Health_

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