Are your meals over the week not what you wish they were? Too many snacks here and there? Do not worry because there is a solution to every problem. This simple weekend detox diet plan is something you can incorporate in your diet over a calm weekend so you can let your system feel refreshed, light and feeling great again.Weekend Detox


You gotta give some go get some. Make sure to exclude everything which is coming from a package or which is not cooked by yourself. It is imperative for your body to be cleansed from salt, additives, unhealthy fats and other ingredients which are harmful to us. This also means, no coffee, soda drinks or alcohol.


While doing this weekend detox, make sure to double or triple your water intake, make sure it’s filtered or bottled. Also if you are not a fruit lover, make sure to consume a lot during these few days. A revitalizing spritz once a day: 300ml hot water, juice of 1⁄2 a lemon and a 10g cube of ginger, grated.

Protein from, fish, organic chicken breast, nuts but make sure they are unsalted and other seeds as well.

Make sure to at least walk for an hour every day. Eat at least three meals every day even if you are not hungry, make the meals small. If you don’t feel full of energy in the afternoon, take a short nap, this is crucial to the detox process. Make sure to relax, read a good book, listen to some calm music.

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When the workweek is done, you are ready to relax and have your first Revitalizing Spritz. You can have a light and simple dinner, a good idea is grilled chicken breast and brown rice. You can add some fresh fruit afterward. This will be digested easily and fill up your body with a lot of healthy nutrients. Good night sleep is the last and the most important part.

Saturday and Sunday

Start the mornings with the spritz you have previously prepared. After about 20 minutes, start with fresh yogurt, berries, and nuts. In between breakfast and lunch, you can have a light snack like some fresh fruit. Make sure to consume water as much as you can.

Lunch and dinner should be warm and have at least 200 grams of vegetables, preferably steamed. The protein should come from either white fish or skinless chicken which are easy to digest. Some chickpeas or beans are ideal as an alternative addition.

Before you go to bed, have a chamomile tea, which will help you get a really restful sleep. You can even add this bedtime yoga routine to sleep like a baby!

Super Quick Over Weekend Detox Plan

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