Simple Every Day Habits to Skyrocket Your Weight Loss Efforts

Almost everyone can easily lose weight on a short term basis but regain the lost pounds in a very short period of time. What is not so simple is losing weight and remain fit for a long period of time.

According to numerous scientific studies, the majority of the dieters are able to keep their healthy diet and lose weight only for a short time but after a while old habits are back to their lifestyle. It’s often the case to gain more weight they people actually lose In the first place.

Researchers have been tracking people who have lost weight successfully and what most of them shared were similar habits which allowed them to keep the weight off in the long term. The research was performed on over 6000 people.

Always have a good breakfast

It is not necessary to spend a lot of time preparing a good, healthy breakfast. A simple idea is having a wholegrain cereal bowl with some low fat milk and fruit which will give you the necessary energy through the morning and help you perform better during the day.

Regular Exercise

It has been emphasized in a countless occasion that exercise is the key to losing weight. Exercising for about an hour, at least 4 times a week helped all of the analyzed people who lost over 70 pounds on average. Intense interval training is recommended however, starting with more simple exercises is a good start too.

Regular Daily Progress Check

Keeping track of the weight status on a daily basis helps people control/decrease calories intake and increase the exercise efforts. What is important is to measure the weight the same time of the day each day.

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Low Fat Diet

Keeping an eye on the portion sizes and the calorie intake is another must. There is no way around including foods like soups and vegetable is a simple way and reducing the high calorie high fat foods. With so many choices of healthy foods available today it is not hard anymore to have extremely tasty meals.


The analyzed group of people stayed consistent on a daily basis. No matter which day of the week it is it is crucial to follow the diet patterns, food choices, exercise plans etc. Following this will help you build a habit which will skyrocket the weight loss efforts.

Small Frequent Meals

It has been proven many times that eating 4 or 5 smaller meals per day is the right way to lose weight and not gain it back. Having the right food in the right time guarantees results.

Cutting The Time Spent In Front of A TV   

Netflix is part of our lives and not indulging into it is almost impossible. What is important to you and maybe you don’t even realize it is that cutting down the time spent in front of the TV is crucial to the weight loss efforts. Everyone who was part of the group on which the research was performed had no more than 12 hours of Netflix per week. The explanation is logical, it gives people more time to focus on their health and diet while avoiding binge eating while watching their favorite TV shows.

Stay Positive

Having a positive view on life is going to surprise you of how effective it is. Even if the efforts are not giving instant results, that must not discourage you. Staying on the same track even if results are not coming in immediately is something everyone who is losing weight successfully does. Being negative will create the opposite result which is the last thing you want while trying to lose weight.

Simple Every Day Habits To Skyrocket Your Weight Loss Efforts

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