Have you ever heard of manuka honey? It is a type of honey which is produced in Australia and New Zealand. It comes from bees which forage the manuka tree, giving this honey very special flavor. Among the other health benefits, today we will explain why you should incorporate this honey in your skin beauty regime.

Manuka Honey

This honey has antibacterial properties so it does wonders for blemished and damaged skin. It also makes wonders for inflamed skin, balances the skin’s pH levels so make sure to start using this honey today.

Great skin moisturizer

Since it is a natural humectant, it keeps your skin moist and naturally shiny. This will increase your skin elasticity and the cell regeneration process.

Anti-ageing properties

The manuka honey is able to improve the collagen cross-linking and it increases the collagen quantity in the skin cells. An important ingredient of the honey is amino acids which have the ability to build collagen blocks. Collagen levels on a high level translate into healthy and young-looking skin.

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There are two ways to use the manuka honey, one is as a face wash. First, you need to wash your video with a non-toxic soap and afterward make sure that the skin is dry. Make sure that you have a 100% raw manuka honey with the bio-activity of 12 and above. Apply some honey all over your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Afterward, make sure to wash your face with warm water.

Another great way to use the honey is as a dark spot treater. In order to brighten up your facial skin and make the acne scars disappear, make sure to mix some manuka honey, 1 tbsp of organic cane sugar and fresh-squeezed lemon. This mixture is a great mask, let it sit on your face for a period of 20 minutes and afterward rinse it with cool water.

Make Your Skin Shine With Manuka Honey

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