Does this sound familiar? You finish your workout, take a look at your app and see you just burned 80 kcal in 20 minutes? If your goal is to burn more calories, here are a few things you can do.

How To Burn More Calories When Working Out


Workout intensity will increase both heart rate and calorie burn. Take it as a rule of thumb – you burn more calories per minute with your heart rate higher. This does not mean you need a heart rate monitor – you can estimate the intensity based on how you feel during your workout. Alternatively, you can do it the old fashion way, feel your pulse on the neck, below the jawline and count the pulses for 15 seconds, and multiply that by 4.


1. Getting Fired Up Is Better Than Getting Warmed Up to Burn More Calories

What is the difference you may ask? Getting fired up is getting warmed up in a way that will set you on fire. This will make it easier on you to keep your heart rate higher during the whole workout.

Tip: Do dynamic stretches, such as Hip Openers, Arm Cycles and Inchworms, followed by 10 minutes of high intensity warm-up:

  • Intense intervals on the stationary bike or the rowing machine in the gym
  • Easy 60 meter sprints that increase with every next round – when outdoor
  • Body-weight tabata workouts for when at home

This whole cycle shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, but we promise you’ll be out of breath when done, and you’ll be fired up for your workout.

2. Use Super-sets, Rest Less

Keeping the resting periods between your workouts will keep your heart rate higher for longer periods, which results in burning more calories. You can avoid rests by working out one group of muscles while resting the other.

Tip: Mix lower body and upper body exercises in the same sets.

  • Squats + Push-Ups: Repeat each exercise 6-12 times, and do 3-6 sets from both, in a row
  • Lunges + Plank: Same Reps as in the first tip.

3. Bike, Run, Walk… Only Faster!

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How to burn more calories when doing cardio workouts? It is simple – increase the speed! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with steady cardio, but if you want to increase the calorie burn,mix things up! You can work on your speed by adding interval training workouts. The interval training will increase your heart rate up, and it’ll take longer for it to drop. This will result in a higher average heart rate/intensity workout.

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4. Try Running Uphill

Running uphill will burn more calories than running on a flat surface – with the same speed. If going faster is not your cup of tea, going uphill should be.


  • Treadmill: Increase the incline slowly while running or walking. How high? The higher the better only works to a certain point, so keep an eye on signs that you are going too high – like holding onto the railings, or leaning waaaay too forward.
  • Outdoor running: This one is kinda obvious – look for stairs and hills you can add to your running route.

5. Jump More

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One of the easiest way to burn more calories using only body weight is by adding jumping exercises.


  • The list is long: Burpees, Jump Squats, Jump Lunges, Frog Squats, Squat Jacks… making every second or third exercise a jumping one will elevate your heart rate a lot, and won’t let it drop between exercises or sets.
  • Use a jumping rope when getting fired up, or implement it in your workout.
  • Do jumping jacks between the rounds – use them lightly so you can use them as active resting.

How To Burn More Calories When Working Out

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