Cold sores are so common, that more than 70% of Americans will become affected at one time or another.

Herpes Simplex, or more commonly, the cold sore, is a result of everyday stress and certain activities. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can be a factor. Acidic food (such as grapes and tomato based foods) or loads of sugars that can ferment in your system and cause acid can also be factors.

Spreading the cold sores is extremely easy too. Using the same towel as a family member is enough for for it to be transferred. 

The most common break-outs are spots around the lips, but they can appear in other places. 

Tingling in the area marks the first stage, and you can see a small blistering besides the tingling. After a day or two the blisters become larger, and the fluid from the blister may inflict an even larger area as it oozes that fluid, which is contagious.

Touching the fluid is a No-No, and you don’t want it touching other parts of your body. Avoid wiping the fluid with something that someone else will use. 

The best way to treat cold sores to start early. As soon as you notice stage one, you should act. Lightly dab the infected area(s) every four to five hours with a diaper rash cream. Toothpaste is a great substitute. The first night cover the infected area with a thick later of the cream, or toothpaste, just before going to bed.

After the first day, start the second phase of the treatment – apply homeopathic substance. This will stop the infected areas dead in its tracks.

This works the quickest, because the diaper rash/toothpaste dries from inside out, so the blisters are being stopped at the same time with the tingling. The homeopathic ingredient will stop the pain and start healing of the sore areas. Your skin may look a bit red and slightly raised, but no one will know that you have a cold sore.

So, now you know – the fastest working home remedy for cold sores, what causes them, and what the stages of cold sores are.