Eating healthy on a budget can be as simple as making just a few different choices. Cutting back is not the same as not buying food – it means that you need to buy health foods.

Also, the common misconception that eating healthy is not possible without spending a ton of money is ubiquitous. That is not true.

With just a little planning, you can cut food costs and eat healthy at the same time. Take a look at these tips to make the whole process easier:

Plan the menu for the whole week before you go shopping, and don’t forget to make a grocery list! This will not only save a lot of money because you don’t make impulsive purchases, but it will also save time.

Stock the fridge with cupboards that contain healthy foods, and look away from the baked stuff, sodas, chips, or any snacks that are high on calories

Food choices play a massive factor that determines your health. Junk foods can be cheap, but it is not called junk in vain. Make good choices, and avoid them.

Spend more money on water, plain or sparkling, and milk instead of spending it on sodas. Not only are sodas more expensive, but they are extremely unhealthy. The occasional soda on a night out or sporting event, but don’t keep them at home.

Freezing fruits can save loads of money. Buy them in quantity when they are in season, and put everything that remains in the freezer. Wash them well, dry, and put in plastic bags before freezing.

Yes, meat is expensive, but luckily there are substitutes. Consider beans, they have similar nutritional value, and are way cheaper. They make eating healthy on a budget very simple. You can prepare them easily, and turn them into meals or salads with ease.

Peanut butter – an amazing spread with so many benefits, and almost everyone loves it. It makes a nutritious meal when combined with jam. It is pretty cheap and can replace an expensive lunch meat. If you are trying to lose weight, add sugar free jam, it has fewer calories and fat and still tastes like the regular one.

Foods that have high content of water like salads, watermelon or even sugar free gelatin and ideal for healthy weight loss, are not expensive, and fit any budget easily.

Eating unhealthy junk foods is very easy, and relatively inexpensive. But it is also really unhealthy. Eating healthy is not that difficult as it seems, just plan the weekly menu with healthy recipes, make the grocery list, and you can enjoy a variety of meals that are easy to prepare, and taste amazing.