Tens of millions of American suffer from anxiety in milder or stronger forms. Even if you are not one of them, you’ve felt anxiety in some situations. People who suffer from anxiety as a chronic disease deal with the problem on a daily basis with therapy, exercises, meditation, etc. It is very little known that the food which we consume can be an anxiety trigger. It’s unnecessary to mention how important it is to have healthy eating habits and be well educated about food.


Therapy, exercise or any traditional methods are very important but also avoiding the following foods should be helpful when getting rid of anxiety. We’ll give you tips of what to consume instead too.


We all know how indulgent alcohol can be but it’s very unhealthy when we consume it in larger quantities. People usually consume alcoholic beverages to get rid of anxiety but little do most of us know, alcohol actually triggers anxiety. Consuming alcohol moderately which translates to two servings a day is okay as long as that’s alright with your doctor. Even though there is no substitute for alcohol, if the taste is what attracts you, consume nonalcoholic beer or mocktails.


On average, more than 60 percent of the Americans consume coffee daily and the majority of them, more than 3 cups per day. Some researches indicate that drinking coffee not only triggers the anxiety but also reduces the production of some of the hormones which give us good and happy feelings. Drinking coffee should be reduced or totally excluded from your diet if you have anxiety issues. It’s important to have in mind that coffee is not the only thing to contain caffeine. Certain supplements and medications also contain it. There are many healthy alternatives for coffee, our suggestion is matcha tea.

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Fermented and Cultured Foods

Who does not enjoy a plate of cheese with some great wine? Whole foods like milk, beef meat or grapes become gourmet foods when they fermented or cured ( steak, cheese, wine ). During those processes, useful bacteria is turned into harmful which in the end results in triggering effects of anxiety. The clear conclusion is to try and consume whole foods more instead of aged or fermented.

Hidden Added Sugar

Avoiding sugar completely is almost mission impossible. Even healthy foods like fruit contain a lot of it.

Added sugar is very dangerous for our health in general but even though you maybe did not know it, it’s very dangerous for our mental health. Blood sugar levels, going up and down harshly, cause our energy and mood to shift often. Sugar consumption can even cause sadness. Avoiding sweet stuff does not necessarily mean you will not consume sugar. The bad news is that many foods contain hidden sugars which are very bad for our health. Some examples are ketchup, pasta, white bread, etc. There are many substitutes for sugar like stevia or natural honey. Consume fruits moderately but be careful with them too.

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