Eight Amazing Ways How Celery Juice Can Improve Your Health

Celery juice is starting to become really popular these days and it’s for a very good reason. The health benefits of the celery are amazing and at the same time, it is very low in calories. Also, celery is very easily accessible as it’s sold at your local supermarket for sure.

Celery Juice

Celery Juice Benefits:

It Defends Your Body From Cancer

Celery is burning the cancer cells according to many scientific pieces of research. It contains a lot of cancer-fighting components, some of them are the main components which cause the cancer cells to self destruct and significantly decrease tumor size.

It Decreases The Levels of Cholesterol

Only one cup of celery juice intake per day decreases cholesterol significantly. Celery contains a compound which is a bad cholesterol killer.

Celery Juice Is a Great Blood Pressure Controller

One incredible healthy compound of celery is coumarin which increases the white blood cell count and activity. That helps the organism purifying the blood flow, blood circulation and the end result is stabilized blood pressure.

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Kidney Stone Preventer

Celery contains compounds which act as diuretics which helps the function of your kidneys. This is crucial in releasing toxins from our body and keeping the kidneys functional. Keeping the pH levels normal High acidity body levels is one of the main reasons for the growth of malignant cells. Consuming celery is a natural way of forcing your body to maintain a natural and healthy pH level.

Improving Your Weight Loss Efforts

Even though a cup of celery juice contains only about 70 calories, it makes you fill full and kicks the hunger feeling easily. Water is one of the main compounds of this vegetable so replacing electrolytes becomes easy when consuming it. One of the best times to have a celery juice is straight after a workout.

Celery Juice Makes Insomnia A Thing Of The Past

No one seems to ever mention celery as a great way to kick insomnia. Actually, it helps with insomnia as good as if not better than many other popular herbs or teas. The reason for this is the level of magnesium and essential oils in celery which is crucial for good night sleep.

Improves Bone Strength

Celery contains a lot of vitamin K which is crucial for healthy bones. Vitamin K is also one of the most effective fighters against bone diseases like osteoporosis. Another significant compound of celery is calcium which is vital for our bones.

The best time to consume celery juice is early in the morning. The recommended dosage is less than 4 cups a day so make sure not to over-consume it. Making the juice is very easy, mix celery with water in a blender according to your taste. Last but not least, make sure to buy organic celery as the non-organic one is most probably full of chemicals which are not healthy to ingest into our bodies.

Eight Amazing Ways How Celery Juice Can Improve Your Health

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