What is Clear Liquid Diet And What Is It’s Purpose?

What is a clear liquid diet?

As the name states, a clear liquid diet consists of clear liquids – such as water, plain gelatin and broth. The reason behind this is consuming foods that are easily digested, and the kind that does not leave an undigested residue in your intestines. This diet does not provide any adequate calories nor nutrition, so it should not be continued for more than a coupe of days.

The foods you consume may be colored, however you should be able to see through them. Foods that completely melt, or even partly, to liquid at room temperatures are acceptable. Eating solid foods on a clear diet is forbidden.


Clear liquid diet is something doctors suggest before operations. However, it can be a short-term diet for vomiting and diarrhea, nausea, and certain digestive problems.

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Diet details

This is a list of allowed foots in a clear liquid diet:

  • Water (flavored is okay too)
  • Apple and white grape juice (everything without a pulp is acceptable)
  • Fruit punch and lemonade, and other fruit flavored beverages
  • Gelatin
  • Tea or black coffee
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Vegetable juice and strained tomatoes
  • Isotonic’s and other sports drinks
  • Honey and sugar
  • Peppermint rounds, lemon drops, and other hard candy
  • Fat-free broth
  • Milk free ice pops
  • Bits of fruit

This diet provides important electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium, and helps maintain hydration.

The list above can be different for everyone, depending on your medical condition, so your dietitian may alter it. Also, your doctor may ask you to skip some items from the list for certain tests.


As we mentioned above, this diet will not provide you with enough calories and the adequate nutrients, so it should not be used for more than a few days. You should only use clear water diet if your doctor directed it.

Everyone has a different condition, so when your doctor prescribes the diet before a test, he, or she will give you a specific list of foods to consume. You must follow the diet directly, because if you don’t you risk getting inaccurate test results, and may have to go through the liquid diet again.


We get it, the clear liquid diet does not sound extremely exciting, but it has its purpose. It will keep your intestines and stomach clean, and keep your body hydrated while limiting strain into your digestive system.

Clear Liquid Diet

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