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Health Dangers Of Sugary Sodas

Currently in the US, sugary sodas are being consumed much more than healthy drinks, like water or milk. Companies spend millions on advertising, to get your attention to buy their sodas, but what they don’ tell you is how badly they affect you. Weight gain, type 2 diabetes are the most common issues connected to sugary sodas. Consuming just one can of soda will increase your risk of chronic disease – like type 2 diabetes  and hearth disease by 26%. Also, the weight gain… How Much Sugar Is In Sodas One 20oz bottle of sugary soda, there are 20...

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Home Remedies For Cold Sores

Cold sores are so common, that more than 70% of Americans will become affected at one time or another. Herpes Simplex, or more commonly, the cold sore, is a result of everyday stress and certain activities. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can be a factor. Acidic food (such as grapes and tomato based foods) or loads of sugars that can ferment in your system and cause acid can also be factors. Spreading the cold sores is extremely easy too. Using the same towel as a family member is enough for for it to be transferred.  The most common break-outs...

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Weight Loss Drinks That Actually Work

Obesity is a serious problem, and more and more people turn to weight loss pills and supplements. However, not all of us are fond of the idea of consuming slimming pills, and that is why we prepared these weight loss drinks that actually work. There are many weight loss drinks that can make you lose weight quick and fast, but our goal is to lose the weight safely, and keep the weight off. If you love tea, slim the is the go-to choice. Tea has been around for hundreds of years, having originated in Asia. There are numerous varieties...

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Health Belief Model for Workout Motivation

For more than 5 years a new field in the Healthy Psychology has developed. This refers to a field of study that focuses on the psychological component of disease prevention and maintenance of health, same as it is in healthcare. Exercise and Sports Psychology are included too. Personal trainers without a proper education in Sports Psychology should not give out advice on the subject, however, it is extremely important for any personal trainer to understand their clients motivation, as well as barriers that may keep a client from obtaining their goals. Health Belief Model for Workout Motivation People are...

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Healthy Eating On a Budget

Eating healthy on a budget can be as simple as making just a few different choices. Cutting back is not the same as not buying food – it means that you need to buy health foods. Also, the common misconception that eating healthy is not possible without spending a ton of money is ubiquitous. That is not true. With just a little planning, you can cut food costs and eat healthy at the same time. Take a look at these tips to make the whole process easier: Plan the menu for the whole week before you go shopping, and...

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